Bahnhofplatz 2, Zurich

Mega Scaffolding Kit comes into its own in the heart of Zurich

Construction management firm Wanner + Fankhauser AG was responsible for planning and overseeing the general refurbishment of Bahnhofplatz 2 in Zurich. The building, built around 1890, was completely hollowed out with the exception of the steel beams, which were still intact.

11. huhtikuuta 2022

From the very beginning of the project, digital 3D planning was used to visualise the deployment of the scaffolding required for the refurbishment work, thus simplifying communication between the various decision-makers and trades involved. This made it easier to decide on the location of the staircase and the design of the steel platform. “In the planning phase, the 3D drawings were used to review all the necessary access points in detail and to discuss the interfaces with the various trades. The assembly process then went smoothly without any deviations from the plans or schedule – so it was a win-win for everyone involved. PERI UP facade scaffold makes you feel safe!” says site manager Yasar Bülbül.

By using PERI UP facade scaffold, the assembly work could be carried out without harness as the system had an integrated guardrail. The scaffolding system thereby offers built-in protection against fall hazards – a solution that is becoming increasingly popular in more and more countries.

Precision work under tight time constraints

The assembly process for the pedestrian tunnel with a width of 4.00 m and a height of between 3.20 and 4.20 m was carried out using the highly adaptable, modular PERI UP facade scaffold in combination with SRU Girders. At this highly frequented location in particular, the SRU Girders with their 4 m clearance width proved to be particularly useful, as they allowed pedestrians to pass in both directions without any obstacles.

Given the short assembly window, which only ran from 1:00 to 4:30 a.m., the primary focus was on logistical matters. These processes were planned to perfection with the aid of the 3D planning system. This meant that the pedestrian tunnel, including the 7.5 m bridging structure, could be constructed in just three nights.

At the junction of the streets “Bahnhofplatz” and “Waisenhofstraße”, a steel construction platform with debris protection was installed by the client. Given the distance to be bridged was 7.50 m and the maximum available passage height was only 4.20 m, an ingenious design was required. Formwork girders or custom-made steel girders were not an option due to the significant material installation height and the time required for cutting and installation. With their Mega Scaffolding Kit consisting of standard parts from the PERI UP Scaffolding Kit and the VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit, PERI provided an easy-to-assemble, slimline solution which barely reduced the clearance height. This was achieved by connecting the RCS Climbing Rail and an SLS Spindle to the steel construction platform with millimetre precision in line with the 3D plans. Muhammed Mehmedi, site manager at Meier + Ritter AG reports: “The scaffolding team quickly got to grips with our new scaffolding system and assembled it flawlessly based on the 3D drawing. This saved time and cut costs. Thanks to the digital planning system, we knew exactly which parts we needed for which construction phase and also how much manpower was required.”

Complex facades scaffolded at no extra cost

PERI UP was also used in the second stage of the project, this time to scaffold the facade. The low volume of materials required for the vertical variant of the PERI UP Facade Scaffold proved to be extremely beneficial given the limited space available. This became evident when transporting the materials from the storage facility to the construction site and when materials were stored temporarily on site. If a frame system had been used for the scaffolding process, the complex facade with its balconies, window niches and projecting frescoes at different heights would have posed a much more significant challenge and would have necessitated extensive assembly work. Even the circular scaffold configurations became child’s play thanks to the outstanding versatility of the PERI UP Scaffolding Kit with its additional integrated component functions, such as the self-locking connections and – of particular relevance in this project – the option of using the vertical of the kit.

The clip-on internal console brackets and connected console brackets of the PERI UP system ensured that the scaffolders were always able to move around in an ergonomic manner as well as at the stipulated distance from the building. The coupling-free assembly process that required no additional support also saved time and money.

Safety at all levels

Safety is an important issue for companies not only because of legal requirements, but also because of their responsibility towards their employees. However, companies should not underestimate the economic benefits of embracing occupational safety: Promoting occupational health and safety can play an important role in improving the efficiency of processes and increasing productivity – even when installation teams are contracted for the first time, as was the case at Bahnhofplatz. The installation team at Meier + Ritter AG can also attest to this.

As far as the planning and management of all construction processes were concerned, the BIM methodology implemented by PERI – i.e. the linking of a 3D visualisation with other project planning factors – provided real added value: even individual alterations made during construction were immediately visible to all those involved. The increase in transparency and similar improvement in efficiency during the refurbishment project ultimately led to greater planning and cost certainty.

In addition to having the ideal team on site, PERI Switzerland had the ideal tool to assist the scaffolding contractor and client – namely the PERI UP Scaffolding Kit. Rebecca Böll, Managing Director of Meier + Ritter AG concludes: “I am proud of our system transition and look forward to seeing what the future holds for scaffolding construction!”